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How to avoid being a prey in the trading market

Have you been wondering why you become the prey always? Is it your fault or it just happens? Actually, when you enter the market you are not ready to handle the market’s force. In the beginning, you are not familiar with what to do and what not do. But it is just the beginning. However, you should allocate your time to learn the market. As traders, you should understand that it is important to understand CFD market cannot be controlled.  Most naïve traders try to control the market and it makes them fail in no time. The expert traders rarely become the prey of the market since they are acquainted with the market knowledge.  Even they would have been the market’s prey at times but it did not continue. If you don’t want to become the market prey it is a must for you to run away from the things that make you a prey. Mostly rookie traders become the market prey and they may even feel like quitting. But remember, quitting is not a solution for everything.  You can change the way you trade, you can work on the skills, and you can find better trading approaches and so on. Don’t you think fighting back is a great strength of a trader?

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Dollar pushes higher despite the delay of rate hike

The dollar bulls have been suffering from series level of uncertainty in the global market as Mr. Trump administration is totally unclear. The U.S dollar index secured a 14-year record high in the global market prior to the closing of the year 2016 and most of the investors were thinking that the dollar will dominate the year 2017.But things slowly changed as the sentiment of the U.S consumer turned out negative after the Mr. Trump failed to increase the fiscal spending in the U.S government. With the strong negative consumer sentiment, the U.S dollar index fell from its 14-year record high in the global market and pushed the all of its major rivals significantly higher. The professional Aussie traders made a decent profit by selling the green bucks in the global market. The recent performance of the U.S economy is still not up to the market but still, it’s holding the ground firmly as FED have projected three hikes in their interest rate.

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